The swimwear shaking things up on Spanish beaches

The swimwear shaking things up on Spanish beaches

We’re in the middle of summer and you’re sure to be enjoying your holidays or looking forward to them starting very soon. Endless days when the only places you want to be are on the beach or at the pool.

So you can make a splash wherever you go, this post presents the 2019 summer season swimwear collection that’s taking our Spanish seaside stores by storm.

Ideally, to enjoy a good day of sun and sand you’ll need to be on trend. To help you, our swimwear is shaking up the beach scene with the trendiest colours and prints.

Continue reading this article to find out which bikini or swimsuit you need to wear this summer to show off your tan and triumph. Plus, our 2019 swimwear collection fit all kinds of body shape and, of course, they’re available in a whole range of sizes. With the latest trends, you won’t have any excuses for not having an amazing day at the beach.

Trajes de baño de Koalabay

Women's fashion bikinis and swimsuits

Bikinis and swimsuits are already featuring on the new trends pages of all the fashion media, as they’ve become fashion items for dressing up and standing out from the crowd.

Luckily, this season’s on trend colours and shapes can be adapted to suit any woman’s style, and with colours ranging from darker tones like black all the way through to brighter hues like yellow and green, they’re all enjoying amazing success on the Spanish coasts.

Below, you’ll find our fashion swimwear collection in the season’s most popular colours that every woman will find flattering.

Bañador tyra multicolor

Multicolour women’s swimsuit. In a vertical striped print in violet, yellow, orange, green and pink, and featuring a scooped back. A variety of fashionable colours that show off a tan to perfection.

Women’s white swimsuit. This is a more sophisticated, elegant swimsuit, with a randomly placed black striped print and a removable black belt at the waist. 

Bañador kali blanco
Bañador nandini lunares

Black women’s swimsuit with white spots. This swimsuit is very fashionable for its print and colour scheme. Ideal for any beach occasion.

Pink triangular bikini top. With a vertical striped print in navy blue, red and white with sparkly detailing all over. With halter-neck tie straps. 

Top bikini yalitza
Braguita bikini yalitza

Bikini bottoms in pink with multicolour stripe print and sparkly detailing. The perfect colours for showing off your tan this summer.

Green bikini top with a green and yellow printed pattern. The colour is what makes this a high fashion item.

Top bikini mayini
Braguita bikini Mayani

Green bikini bottoms with a green and yellow printed pattern. With a small metallic trim on each side.

Black bikini top. With a vertical and horizontal striped print in white and gathered at the front. Ideal for a more formal beach occasion or for looking elegant as you swim.

Top bikini kinari
Braguita kinari koala

High-rise bikini bottoms in black with horizontal and vertical white stripes. The ideal swimwear for any body shape and for more elegant occasions.

Swimwear trends for men this summer

The men’s 2019 swimwear collection is also packed with eye-catching prints and colours. Take the beach by storm with our men’s swimwear range. This year sees the end of minimalist monotone swimsuits.

Bañador him verde

Men’s swim shorts in green with blue palm tree design. With a cord tie at the waist and pockets. The ideal colour for showing off a tan.

Men’s swim shorts in pink. With a print featuring small Buddhas in blue, they also have a cord tie at the waist and pockets.

Bañador nirvana
Bañador Rolling Stones

Men’s swim shorts in khaki with an all-over print of mini crabs in green-beige. With a cord tie at the waist and pockets. Perfect if you like darker colours.

These clothing items are just a small selection of what you can find on our website and in all our physical stores. You’ll find women’s bikinis and swimsuits and men’s swimwear in a whole range of styles, prints and colours.

Show off your bikini and swimsuit this summer with Koala Bay and its Life is a Holiday!

Beaches across the country are waiting for you to enjoy your fashion swimwear. The new swimwear and bikini collections are shaking up the summer. All you have to do is visit us, pick your favourite item and go with the flow.

Don’t forget to tell us about your summer plans with your Koala wear on social media ;).

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