The perfect sandals for showing off your summer dresses without needing heels. 100% comfort

The perfect sandals for showing off your summer dresses without needing heels. 100% comfort

In this article we let you into the secret of how to wear your favourite summer dresses as comfortably and elegantly as possible. You’ll be able to see the perfect sandals so you can forget about aching feet and enjoy every moment to the full.

You can be stylish and comfortable at the same time, so you don’t need heels to make a dress the ideal item of clothing for a summer dinner with friends. Be ready for anything and enjoy summer like never before with our summery footwear collections.

Pretty, stylish and comfortable. Our sandals have what it takes to be the ideal footwear. What’s more, they go with practically everything, they’re very versatile and they’re ideal for any occasion. It’s very easy to achieve a perfect look with them.

Sandalias rebajadas cómodas

Discounted fashion sandals for walking in comfort

If you want to save yourself some money as well as be comfortable, make the most of these offers. The top discounted sandals for being comfortable and glamorous at any seaside dinner or event while you’re on holiday.

Sansalias pala pretonia negro

Black mules with flower-shaped gemstone detailing. With rope soles.

Mules in rose gold. Ideal for giving a touch of elegance to your look without having to wear uncomfortable footwear.

Mule kinasa rosa

Trendy flat sandals for this season

It’s possible to be on trend with these smart flat women’s sandals. You can be smartly dressed and comfortable at the same time. Both concepts are totally compatible with the footwear we show you below. Don’t let anyone stop you enjoying your summer.

Sandalias Amalfi negro

Wedge sandals in black with rope soles. The perfect option for avoiding heels and enhancing your look.

Women’s bio flip-flop sandals in salmon pink. A colour that combines with practically everything and ensures your comfort.

Sandalias dedo bio salmón
Sandalias bio terral negro

Women’s bio sandals in black. Very comfortable and versatile. They’ll give your outfit comfort and elegance.

Men's fashion sandals

The best option for them too. Tired of wearing shoes for dressing up in the summer? That’s all in the past now thanks to these options. Comfort comes first, but these are also great for more formal summer looks or for any occasion.

Menorquina noel gris

Men’s Menorquina sandal in grey. Perfect for being comfortable in summer without wearing sneakers.

Men’s brown Menorquina sandals. Easy to combine with any style of trousers or shorts.

Menorquina morris marrón oscuro

These items are just a small selection from the whole collection available on the Koala Bay website and in all our physical stores. Visit us and choose your favourite men’s or women’s sandals and don’t let painful feet ruin your summer plans.

Walk comfortably this summer with Koala Bay and its Life is a Holiday!

Make the most of your time down to the last second and don’t let anything ruin your holidays. Who said you could only wear a dress with heels? Or that men are only dressed smartly if they’re wearing shoes? Discover comfy, summery options that will make you change your mind.

Live your best life, strut your stuff and tell us about it on our social media pages.

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