Have you seen the latest hairstyles? Find the ones that suit your looks the best this season

Have you seen the latest hairstyles? Find the ones that suit your looks the best this season

If you’re tired of having the same hairstyle day after day and you fancy something new, read on… In this post we show you the trending hairstyles for the 2019 summer season so you have endless ideas to choose from. Don’t let your hair hold you back, we bring you the most flattering looks for every style.

Putting your hair up is perfectly compatible with elegant, formal occasions. The same is true for wearing your hair loose, as it also goes really well with today’s more informal, casual looks. The trick is to choose your outfit carefully and pick the right moment to wear it.

Los looks de moda

Top looks for wearing your hair up

High temperatures are not friends of loose hair. In summer it’s much more comfortable to wear your hair up so you can cope with the heat better. This is why swept-up hairstyles are so fashionable this season. Plus, this option is very simple to do and to wear. Below we show you several looks that combine perfectly with this type of hairdo, you’ll love them.

Camiseta adelaida de tirantes

Strappy top in yellow. It’s knotted at the front to reveal a bare midriff. Ideal for any summer look.

Short blue shirt-style dress with vertical stripes. Featuring metal rings for threading through a belt in the same print pattern as the dress. It’s also slit at the sides. The perfect item for a night out.

Vestido Bjork
Mono Andrew negro

Jumpsuit in black with studs on the outer edge of the shoulder straps.  With an elasticated adjustable waist and V neck. Ideal for an elegant occasion.

Get some on trend braids

Braids are also one of the hot fashion trends this summer. A very popular alternative for any occasion. They’re the ideal option for making any outfit look elegant. But they can also be useful for other more casual looks.

Camiseta constance blanca

Strappy top in white. In a slightly sheer fabric and with a V neck. Fantastic for wearing with shorts in any colour.

Strappy top in black. In semi-sheer fabric. A basic for combining with any colour.

Camiseta tirantes negra bree
Short lois

Shorts in beige. They’re perfect for combining with a white or black top and feel very cool to wear.

Make an easy pony tail and show off your hair

Opting for a high pony tail is ideal for going out and about with friends or with the family for example. Pony tails are comfortable, easy to do and very on trend at the moment. Plus, this style means you can play with lots of accessories and styles for your hair. For example, you could tie the pony tail with a scarf for a more informal touch, or you could wind a strand of your hair round the tie to make it look more elegant.

Camiseta Tirantes Minilf blanco

Strappy top in white with all-over flamingo detailing. In various shapes and tones of pink decorated with stripes. Ideal for wearing with white shorts.

White shorts. Ideal for combining with a top or t-shirt in any colour. The ideal item for a casual, informal look.

Short Charlotte blanco
Camiseta minnie gris

Minnie Mouse short-sleeved t-shirt. Grey t-shirt with cartoon character print, fold-up sleeves and round neck.

Denim shorts, perfect for wearing with any t-shirt. An informal and very modern outfit.

Short olivia denim

Styles for loose hair in summer

Long, flowing hair is very trendy this summer, although it’s best for night-time or for days when it’s not so hot. It’s actually the easiest hairstyle of all. All you have to do is allow your hair to dry and it’s ready. This style gives your look an informal touch. You could also use one of the hair bands that are so fashionable at the moment to give your outfit a more individual, modern look.

Camiseta martha azul

Short-sleeved blue shirt with orange stripe print. Show off your midriff.

Top in black with tropical leaf print in green and white tones. With a V neck. Ideal for wearing with black jeans for a smart look.

Top penelope

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Show off your hair with Koala Bay and its Life is a Holiday!

With the Koala looks, summer is endless and there’s still lots of it left to enjoy. Make the most of these fantastic ideas for trying out new ways of styling your hair and you’ll be the trendiest of all your friends.  Heat and wind are no problem when it comes to pulling off a great look!

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